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Oscar M. Telfair III

For Fort Bend County Court at Law No.2

Telfair Mission

I am Oscar Telfair III and I am running for Judge for County Court At Law No. 2 in Fort Bend County. As an Ohio State University and Howard University graduate, I understood where my purpose lied very early in my career. After 35 years of practicing law, I realized my passion for people has expanded my vision and advocacy for Justice. As a faithful member of Brentwood Church, where I have served on the deacon and trustee board, it has further consecrated my spiritual beliefs that service to many leads to greatness and I am now willing to serve my community on a larger scale as Judge of County Court At Law No. 2.

In my experience I have seen multiple gaps within the justice system between the charge and the conviction stages of prosecution. As judge of the Court At Law No. 2, I am committed to address the inequality of sentencing as well as the failure to utilize rehabilitative and mental health programs where justified. As a hybrid court, that deals in civil litigation as well, I want to ensure that civil litigants will have equal access to the Court At Law No. 2.

I live by the motto of Fair and Impartial Justice for All and will serve Fort Bend County as a Judge who will not base judgement on one’s gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, or economic status but will afford every citizen their constitutional right to a fair and equal trial.


Oscar believes that his life experiences, education, strong moral character, integrity and legal training makes him the best person to be the next Judge of County Court At Law No. 2 of Fort Bend County, Texas.

Life long Democrat

Oscar has been a life-long democrat, and looks forward to being your elected Judge for the County Court At Law No. 2 in Fort Bend County. Being a Fort Bend resident for more than 30 years he looks forward to serving the community he has called home for so long.

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